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In our modern day, there are innumerable challenges we are presented with, on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.  The Brightly Required Reading list, is the repertoire list for our modern lightworker:  People who wish to bring about goodness in our world.  It covers a full range of topics, to support people in their personal growth, evolution, and finding their way to becoming empowered amidst modern challenges.
So, I’ll start today, with introducing what I see as the most significant books of our time.  They are, “The Ringing Cedars” series by Vladimir Megre.  There are ten books in the series,   These books are saturated with incredible stories, wisdom, and healing to tantalize even the most blunt light worker.  As these books cover such a vast range of topics, they will undoubtably be a regular topic I refer to in future blogs and videos I post.  However, today, we are going to get you started with just a little over view of them and why they are at the top of the Brightly Required Reading List.
The books start out in 1994.  Vladamir (the author) was was traveling deep into the Siberian Taiga on an trading voyage.  He had been a successful entrepreneur and had taken one of his boats and a crew on a training voyages along one the rivers of the Taiga.    What is interesting is, the Siberian Taiga, is the largest untouched forest on the planet, (larger than the Amazon jungle!), with old growth forest populated by massive cedar trees, as wide across as a car or larger (like the redwood trees).  Through a series of events, he ends up meeting a young woman named Anastasia.  It is this encounter that forever changes his life, and the course of humanity as well.  
The books follow Vladamir’s experiences with Anastasia over the years.  She actually asked him to write the books when she first met him.  At first he said “No! I am not a writer, I am a entrepreneur.  Even if I wrote them, no one would read them.”  But, Anastasia persisted, and told Vladimir that she would show him how to write these books, and they will awaken the souls of millions of people around the world.  This of course surprised Vladimir.  Anastasia, lives in the middle of the forest, has had little contact with modern society. And has never been to school… elementary or college.  How then could she make this kind of claim?  Vladimir was posed with the dilemma, was this woman crazy?… or was she brilliant?
As it turns out, the books have in fact, sold millions of copies around the world, and have been translated into all of the major languages.  And through the course of Anastasia’s influence and the awakening and loving action of people around the world, the course of humanity has indeed changed.  No longer, are we on a path of destruction.  In her own words, Anastasia has created a “bridge across the dark forces window of time.”  Does this sound like an adventure book?  Does this sound totally awesome!?  Does this pique your interest!!!!????!?  We’ll if it does, keep reading.  Because reality is more incredible than you can imagine…
Anastasia is part of an ancient Vedic lineage that separated from the rest of humanity about 10,000 years ago.  As impossible as this seems, her lineage maintained their pristine origins, living in perfect harmony with nature.  She lives with the birds, bears, and bees.  When she wants food, she signals to her forest friends, and a whole host of squirrels and other creatures, race to offer her pine nuts, wild mushrooms, berries, and other foods of the forest.  This would be very similar to training a service dog, except these animals are motivated by a deep love for Anastasia, which she completely reciprocates.  As all of her physical needs are easily met, she is free to think and all of a humans innate abilities were able to be fully developed.  She speaks every language, can do impossible mathematical calculations instantly, and can affect biology and the genetic composition of nature around her with her thoughts.  While the rest of humanity was using their mind and means, to tear apart the Earth.  Anastasia’s ancestors, worked directly with the biology of nature to live in harmony with nature.  Anastasia maintains that “everything in the technocratic world, already has a more perfect equivalent in nature.”  This can be hard for many to fully comprehend.  But this extends to all of the man made devices we pride ourselves about.  For example, the cell phone.  Ahhh, our beloved cell phone.  Yes, even this relished device has a more advanced and perfect component in nature.  Direct communication between life, has been documented and proven over many decades, however it is often discredited on the basis of keeping people dis-empowered and in the dark.
Humans are truly remarkable and capable beings.  However, due to impure living, and relying on less perfect means such as technology, our innate abilities have not been nurtured.  Just as any human, who doesn’t get regular exercise, abilities that are not used, become weak and forgotten.  Fear not though!  They can be restored when one brings their lifestyle back into harmony with nature.
Throughout the books, Anastasia calls upon stories from a human history that is very different than what we are told in our schools.  We are told that our current civilization is at its peak.  Yet, according to Anastasia, humanity has existed on the planet for billions of years…. Billions!….  And that human civilizations have gone through regular cycles of golden ages, and dark ages.  Over the last 10,000 years, humanity has been on the decent.   We are currently at the end of a dark period and have just recently entered the beginning of a new golden age.  Despite this, this golden age is different than all others.  From what I have gathered, all of the previous dark ages, have typically end with major earth disasters, essentially pushing the “reset” button on the world.  However, due to Anastaia’s influence, this time these major earth disasters have been avoided.  There was supposed to be one in 2012, but it was dissipated.  And I think another one a few years after that.  Interestingly, these disasters were primarily done through Anastasia’s effort in supporting gardeners around the world.  It happened that, through gardeners around the world, touching the earth with love each day, soothed the Earth, and prevented her from shuddering from the terrors the rest of humanity has been enacting upon her flesh. 
So, why am I bringing this up.  Because, in these books, there are many teachings that are necessary for our modern human to re-learn how to integrate with nature.  From the time I graduated high school, to well after I graduated from college, I had been in pursuit of understanding the state of our world.  I saw all of these pieces, but couldn’t quite make sense of how it all fit together.  What is the most powerful leverage point for a person to undertake in their lifetime.  According to Anastasia, the most powerful thing one can do, is to acquire their own 1 hectare (2.5 acre) parcel, and establish their own homestead.  They create their home, creating gardens and sufficient beauty around them.  This size of land is the ideal size for a family with ample opportunity for people to connect with nature.  Food grown in this environment will be superior to even the highest organic standards set elsewhere.  Food grown with love will nourish these people and their children, giving them superior health, and ability development.  Children raised in this type of an environment, will have the sufficient purity of mind and thought to establish the new paradigm of humanity, which is that of living in harmony with the Earth and bringing healing to our world with ease and grace.
I have wanted to create my own garden paradise for over a decade, yet have not had the means to acquire my own land yet.  Also, it is most ideal to have a parcel in a larger community of like minded individuals.  This is the foundation for my ideas in the Brightly Earth Development Fund.  Essentially, creating large ecological communities that are safe and healthy for people to live in.  If you feel called to start a family, or wish for giving yours the best environment possible.  You’ll definitely want to read these books full of timeless wisdom, and inspiring adventures.  As incredible as they are, they are told in a story-like format, and are fairly easy to read.
Anastasia actually says in the books that Russia will be the first to start giving out 1 hectare parcels to people who wish to live on the land.  This became true just a few years ago.  There is plenty of land in the world.  There is plenty of money in the world.  When we come together to create paradise.  We will.  So what are you waiting for!?  Go get book 1: Anastasia and start reading!  
There are several editions of these books, and can be ordered directly through the authors website, the US publisher website, Amazon, and can be found in many spiritual/metaphysical book stores. 


Remember, We start creating paradise, in our hearts and minds.  Then it naturally manifests through our actions…
Thank you for joining me today and sharing with me in this adventure.  
One of these times, I’ll tell you about when I met Vladimir…. hehe…




With love,
Julian Life
November 17, 2018