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Wholesale prices on the highest quality oils in the 

My journey with DoTERRA has been incredibly powerful and unexpected! (Yes!)  We are designed to live in nature, and in nature, there are many natural essential oils dissipated in the air.  They clean the air, uplift our moods, and communicate important universal information through smell, which we all to often disregard ( yes! ).   People sometimes ask me what benefits I have received.  Upon contact with your skin, essential oil molecules enter into your blood stream within minutes.  They are so small that they penetrate directly into the cell membrane and thus affect your health at a cellular level.  Because of this, they can stop ANY cold or sickness in their tracks.  Hey, I like staying in my A-Game.  I also benefit from feeling emotionally supported whenever I am down.  People are also constantly commenting how I smell! (In a good way!), and as someone who loves sharing  I love sharing them with people.  Despite all of these more practical benefits, the one that is most encompassing and real, is that I am just Happier.
These essential oils have changed my life in all of the best ways because they are the real thing, not fake fragrances.  Essential oils, are not a regulate market.  When you go to the store, you might see a bottle that says 100% pure.  However, there is no current regulations for certifying that.  It could be 20% actual essential oil, and the rest bogus chemicals that kind if smell like something.  These won’t benefit you, and will likely cause you harm.  Many DoTERRA essential oils are edible.  Infact, food grade standards, wouldn’t even come close to the purity level standards DoTERRA sets for their oils.  Just look for a Nutrition Label on the bottle, and you’ll know its one you can eat.
So here’s how it works.  DoTERRA functions like a Costco membership, but for essential oils.  You’ll be getting the highest quality essential oils in the world, at wholesale prices.  Yep!  There are nuances to this membership and game, and without overwhelming you right now.  I am just going to take you through what you need to know to get started.  Follow the steps below to open your account.  Your membership will be good for one year.  After that, you will be prompted to purchase one bottle of Peppermint essential oil, to continue your account for another year. Yep, the only fee is one bottle of Peppermint oil per year!  No other obligations.
Having said all this, and I am excited for you to join in on the adventure, and have fun in seeing for yourself where it will take you!
If you would like to meetup privately or with your friends and family to discuss which oils would be appropriate for your needs and lifestyle, I would be happy to do that!  Feel free to reach out or just to say Hi!


If you are ready to start this incredible journey, keep reading.  If you are ready to open an account, you’ll find the link to open your account at the bottom of the page.


Backpacking with my oils!

Some of my Favorite Videos

The videos below, are enjoyable to watch, and will get you up and running with what DoTERRA is all about.

DoTERRA functions much like a Costco but  for essential oils.  

With a memberhip, you’ll get some of the best quality oils in the world, at wholesale prices.

Your membership, will give you access to several different things:

25% off retail

Rewards Program – this is like a frequent flyer miles program.   It basically gives you lots of free oils.

Compensation for Sharing –  Imagine if a really good restaurant gave you $ everytime you recommended them to someone.  DoTERRA actually does this.  More about it later.

How to open your account:

There are two options for opening your account.  You can pay $35, or you can open your account with an Enrollment Kit, which waives the $35 fee.  Either way is fine, I suggest the Kit, however do whatever gets you up and running.  If you do opt for the $35, you’ll make it back after purchasing just 3 oils, so its not a huge deal either way.

The kits I recommend are below: 

#1 Suggestion:


This will get you up and running with all of the basics for health care on all of the different levels.  It includes a free diffuser which you’ll definitely want.  It quickly spreads the oils throuhout your home or office, scenting and cleaning the air.  

#2 Budget Suggestion


This is the same as the above kit, but with 5ml bottles (100 drops each), and doesn’t include a diffuser.  Instead it includes some beadlets, which are fun to pop in your mouth, freshening and cleaning your breath on-the-go.

Are you Ready!!!

My journey with DoTERRA has been a honest to goodness, dream come true.  Being blessed every day with the highest quality oils in the world, positively impacting farmers with their coimpact sourcing program, supporting the health of families and children around the world while just needing a laptop to generate income from anywhere in the world.  It has been incredibly liberating at every level.

May your journey is as powerful as mine.


Julian Life