This will be my first blog entry.  I have been feeling called to start sharing on a more regular basis, and it seems like this is a format that will work.  It has been tricky to figure out what I want to share in my book which I am in the process of writing, and what to share in this blog.  I have been an avid reader my whole life.  But there are times when I hardly read anything at all, processing information directly from the world around me.
When I wake up, I like laying around for most of the morning, reflecting and spending time learning.  I like to reflect on any dreams I might have had, meditate, read inspirational books, and continue any additional rest I might go in and out of, while sipping tea, drinking smoothies, eating tonic herbs…. etc….  Additionally, I like to do this in nature, which means I am living in nature, as I don’t want to have to travel to nature when I wake up.  I like hearing the sounds of the crickets, and birds throughout my day.  This is especially important in the morning and evening.  The reason I am sharing all this, is on this particular morning (e.g. today!), I wanted to share a little reflection and meditation with a book I was browsing.  This book is on the Brightly Required Reading List, which is my mandatory list of books I have hand selected, for mastery in our current world.  The book is called “Creating Money: Keys to Abundance” by Sanaya Ronan and Duane Packer.
This is one of the most beautiful books on money, and wealth I have ever read.  Every time I read through it, it feels like a dream come true.  I have read many books on business, wealth, and finances.   From Tony Robbins, to Steven Covey, David Bach, and Robert Kiyosaki to name a few.  But, that doesn’t even touch the books I have read on organizations, learning, and play, which are related topics.  I want to share a quote and reflection on this book but, first I want to share a little of my history with money.
As a child I one of my earliest memories was of the fear of being given away.  Yep. There was a girl in my kindergarten who was adopted.  She was from South America.  As my little mind pieced together the story, apparently, her parents couldn’t afford to keep her, and had to give her away.  So when I heard my parents worrying about money… I started freaking out.  I did not want to be given away!
Stories like these seem funny in hindsight, but they play a significant role in the subconscious development of our minds.  For a time, my family did fairly well.  My dads business was doing well, and we were able to afford some luxuries and a comfortable, even privileged lifestyle.  All the kids went to private schools, and we had our own rooms in the house.  However, this didn’t last that long, and divorce and unhappiness descended quickly upon our home while I was a teenager, leaving huge financial loss to lawyers, courts, etc…. What was once a thriving family, was now divided, and once again.  Struggling.
Fast forward a whole bunch of years.  Closer to the present moment.  I have found myself in and out of enormous debt in my life, and at one point, it started dawning on me that there was more to the picture of wealth than I had previously understood.  Wealth, is connected with happiness, yet, happiness is necessary to create wealth.  Many wait around for wealth to come and then create happiness.  There are of course many factors that contribute to ones wealth and happiness, however ultimately, there is an element that is ripe for us to look at today, and that is spiritual health.
As spiritual health is tended to, it is natural for wealth to extend beyond to other areas of your life.  By spiritual health, I mean, the removal of negativity from your mind.  The removal of negativity from your action.  The thoroughness of this removal, is based on the level of consciousness…. How deep are you willing to go?
I am even surprised by the words that I write, however, I think we can all agree that when we are mean to another, or ourselves, is there any real value coming about from it?  Is there any benefit?  If we are attacking other people, ourselves, our children… whoever… with unconscious intentions… then doesn’t it make sense that we are wasting our valuable energy?
Here is a section that I was reading this morning.  You will notice how positive of an approach is taken here.  This will help people remove negativity, not through adding in more negativity, but rather by applying more and more attention and focus on the positive.  This is a highly efficient, fun, and productive way to bring about change.  The following excerpt is from This is from page 74 in “Creating Money” by Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer:
I am a success.  I allow myself to feel successful.
“To develop your mastery of abundance more quickly, start by recognizing how successful you already are at creating what you want, at honoring your integrity, na dat making good choices.  Build on what you now you can do.  Than and love yourself for the strength and vision you have right now.  Take a moment to tell yourself you are already a success.  You can feel successful right now, whit depending on meeting certain goals to give that feeling to you.  You can recognize all the wonderful things you are already doing in your life.
“Success comes from feeling successful in the present moment; it is not something you may feel some day when you have reached a goal or have something you want.  Don’t think that large sums of money will create that feeling for you;  people with a lot of money rarely feel successful unless they have learned how to appreciate themselves and feel successful from within.
“Rather than define success in terms of the concrete things it might represent to you such as how much money you would have int he bank, what type of house you would live in, or what type of car you would drive, be willing to expand your definition of success to include the goals of your higher self.  True success is having the right amount of money, transforming an old habit or negative belief, releasing a fear, doing things you love, and developing and recognizing your special talents.  From a higher point of view, success is creating something when you need it, making a contribution to others, and loving and respecting yourself and others.  It is growing and learning from all your experiences.  Look at others as successful not by how rich they are, but by the quality and happiness of their lives.  As you focus on these higher qualities of success, you will realize that in terms of your higher self you have already achieved many successes, even if you haven’t yet met the specific financial goals set by your personality.”
(from the Brightly Required Reading List: Creating Money: Keys to Abundance” by Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer.  This excerpt is from page 74-75)
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What I like about this, is it allows us to acknowledge wealth in this moment.  Waiting for some future moment, is so draining!  Waiting for another moment to be happy…. Waiting for another moment to be successful.  Waiting for another moment to be fulfilled…  NO!  I am done waiting.   I think we are all, done waiting. Constantly waiting for a future moment when your life comest to gather in perfect harmony.  There is no need to wait for another future moment.  We can accept and love what is now.  We can bring our presence to this moment.  To appreciate all of our past moments that brought us here, and appreciate all of the future moments we will move into.  Accepting the perfection of this moment.  In my study of wealth, it has become apparent that wealth is here. It is everywhere.  Yet, when we don’t accept and let it in…  When we are constantly looking for something else… Then, life becomes a real burden.  
Here’s a practical example to help you understand:  Imagine you are hanging out with someone, and they had expressed multiple times how excited they were to hang out with you.  When you two finally get together, the other person is texting their other friends, wanting to go and do something else, and making negative comments about you and what is happening in the moment.  Of course, this is a person you would not want to hang out with!  The experience is not fun, they are wanting to be somewhere else, yet they are there with you.  There is no appreciation of what is happening in that moment, thus you will not want to hang out around them, and they will have fewer and fewer friends.  The only people who will want to spend time with them, are the people who also are also resonating at the frequency of unhappiness and unsatisfaction, and it will only be out of obligation, as they would be denying their choice
This happens all of the time.  We do this to ourselves as well.  
If we were to take personal responsibility of our lives, we are acknowledging our choice.  This is the pathway out of suffering. For example, When we find ourselves in a situation we are not happy with, we can soften it by appreciating that we have the ability to make different choices next time. Truly, what I have found as the most life denying, and the moments of the most suffering, is when I am blocking my experience.  Deep down, you know it.  That you are blocking and denying the precious life experiences afforded to you.  
You can even feel this preciousness, when we are in a committed relationship, and the other person breaks up with us.  Our heart shattered into pieces. Yet, there is a certain humbleness.  A certain savoring of life, that is priceless.  In that moment, we feel so much, that we can’t deny our existence any longer.  We are alive, and we know it.  Yes, its pain.  Yes, its sadness.  And its amazing, because when we are living our lives in numbness, and then suddenly feel to such depths, we know we exist, are alive, and that we matter.  There is no greater medicine for the soul.  This is the true preciousness of life, and it is undeniable.   Throughout the course of your day, or life, you can say whatever you like.  You can say that these things are silly.  Un-manly to feel.  Weak. Stupid. Whatever you want.  However, the universe has its own agenda, and it will breath the fire into your life.  And in that moment, you will be humbled, and know the truth.  Your own truth.  That life is a gift, and to be savored, and appreciated, like the finest meal.  Our souls mature across timelines spanning eons, and we can handle greater amounts of love, goodness, and beauty in our system, as we progress through our evolution.  However, this is a topic for another day.  For the moment, I want to thank you for spending this time with me, and I am excited and looking forward to you, me, and so many more people going deeper with loving each moment more deeply than ever.  As we do, we will create new realities and ways of living, that are more joyful than we can currently imagine.  
Julian Life
November 1, 2018
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