Shamanic Sound Journeys

You are made up of more than just your physical body!  By re-integrating all of the aspects of a person’s being,  the dis-harmony is resolved, and health restored.  This is what harmony is.   By working with the subtle and overt integration and adjustment of these energies, greater harmony can be achieved.  We often self-sabatoge our health & happiness, in very subconsious ways.  These accumulate from multi-generational patterns, which we adopt unconsciously as children.  Until we actively filter and and re-asses these patterns, we are subject to them… for better or worse.  The integration I offer, re-harmonizes and re-alignes many aspects of ones being that you may be unconsious of, and might have been in disharmony for much of your life.   The main tool I use is a multiphonic sound I learned to tone with my voice.

With this sound, and specific kind of presence, the integration occurs at a level beyond the intellect… beyond the rational and mental mind.   People go into a deep state, and often report seeing images, and visions.  Gaining or attaining these visions, is a natural byproduct of growth and evolution that occurs.  A your experience goes deeper, more rested, safer, and more fully seen and touched state than you are used to, your paradigm of what is possible is forever changed.  The effects of this, span generations, and can not be underestimated.

I always adjust according to what is needed to by each individual, and it is possible to have multiple sessions, with increasing depth of benefits that accumulate.